Tuesday, March 25, 2003

well lets see my day was going pretty good minus the weather that got suddenly chilly. but yea. so i went ot my job interview that went great. then i get home and oh friend probs AGAIN! my friends are fighting and i tell them DO NOT put me in the middle of it but what happends there i am the messenger and gawd i hate it. so we're gonna have a serious chat on firday. gonna all sit in a car and lokc the doors and talk it up yell whatever. get the "problem" out there in the open. and fix it! otherwise 10 years of a friendship with theis person will be thrown down the drain! grrrrr. .. all before we go off to college great huh?! yea. i had some yummy taco bell. i'll pay for that tomorrow at my workout. >รพ i want a convertable car now lol. my sights are set on that new caddy. if you've seen the commercial thats the one! :) not many people like it but eh i like to be different. so i'm ready for high school to be OVER WITH! i can't stand the "kids" anymore. and people in my class as well u'd think by senior year people would have gotten a clue but no. sucks to be them. prom is what like a month and some weeks away? hooray! no date. thats what i need. okay back to venting... okay my siser. i can't stand her somtimes i swear to you she does everything for attention and if things don't go HER way its the end of the world! i told my mom i'm gonna snap one of the days and punch her and not to stop me or be alarmed. maybe that would clue her in! hehe well its bedtiem para mi! plus i need some agua, so lata

Monday, March 24, 2003

hey i'm was sick of my old diary place so i needed to find a new one and i found this! so i'm gonna try it and see if i like it. so hopefully i will!!! :-D so yea i guess this will be my "tester" so yea i guess if u don't know me i'm 18 (just had my b-day last tuesday hehe) i live in the STL area. prepping for graduation. then i can finally get out of crummy high school and move on to COLLEGE! i'm going to eastern IL well thats the plan as of now. well i'm gonna go latas!